Walks with the Lord

Have him in your heart and sole

Tears Dry on their Own

A walk to remember. The damage has been done, she's left to gather the pieces. The beauty in the mess. The aftermath of a sweet glorious journey.

The break-up really hurts but never afraid to fall in love.

Love is a Gift you give Yourself


Diamonds are Forever

With all the diamonds and the shine, the eyes still sparkle and captivate. Be sure to connect people with the light from the inside to really make a lasting

An alluring snapshot!!

On the Fence

When in doubt, inject your quirkiness into accessory and never the clothes to best showcase your sense of style. That way you never run the risk of looking like a bumble bee

Walk of Fame

Like a succubus, standing on its prey while they sleep. Leaving your footprints as you go through life, make it count, make an impact, make it deep!


Boy Maharajah

The lines are blur, culturally linked, and sexually ubiquitous. Colorful, Rich, Decadent and Expensive. Fashionable monsoon is the name of the game.

via homotography.blogspot

Sexy Form

Flowers in the Spring, fashion is turning new leaves. Make it billowy, sexy and sheer. Make it sweet.

Sky is the Future

Plexi-glass and metal are the new innovative edge in fashion. Revisiting classic shapes with new materials offers not modern but futuristi-chic sensibility to dressing up.


A Look of the Eye

A moment that will define time and the beginning all of history. The undeniable connection that will make the hearts skip a beat!


Rise to the Occasion

Guo Pei is single-handedly elevate Taiwan to the top of haute couture list, with exquisite designs and incomparable workmanship. You have to be a membership of her atelier to order a dress. A simple dress that can cost up to $83,000. and a beaded gown that can weigh up 50 kilos or 110 pounds.

With the look of things. It's worth every penny and pound

Truly a walk of art!!


Catherine Baba

Sequence of a style icon: Catherine Baba has the glamour of 20's and 30's era yet very bohemian and contemporary, chic and modern. She has very unique personal style that's true her own.

Catherine Baba is a real fashion DIVA.




Hunter-gatherer. bared and chiseled with a wild berry on top

Mannequins en Route

Photo-Op: 'Prune', will give you pout, Betty Davis eyes, high cheek bones and long legs!!


Gilty Pleasure

Summer White..barely there drapes style with chunky metals..your sun-kissed skin will surely shine.

Bronzed Beauty

Show off those new tanned limbs in a sexy dress. Jewel incrusted details that will send shimmy without being outdated.

Angles and Dimensions

Proportion is key for the chic and expensive.


Colorful Flock

Feather for the fearless, takes a party dress to new height and drama


Smokey Glow

Sexy and alluring is an aura not a quality. OWN IT!!!

Fashioning a Stretch

Flex your styling muscle, basics that will allow movement and the all night partying.

Model Citizens

Urbanity of chic. Architectural and color-blocking, is no long the city infrastructure.


Janice Fronimakis

The eye on Exorticism. Multi-cultural is going primal. Sexy and Elusive