Snake Charmer

Alexander McQueen's latest ad campaign for the Plato's Atlantis collection, where humankind is made up of creatures that evolved from the sea. I love this ad, its inspiring, interesting, beautiful and scary at the same time. Raquel Zimmerman is definitely not afraid of snakes. And the shoes, a test of evolution, to see if we can really walk on two feet. Stunning!!!....one in every color please

Snake season. More images proving that these gorgeous reptiles are the new trend. Sexy, Sleek and Lethal. Dare to be a charmer.

Soft Edges

The textures and colors are really interesting and beautiful. Apocalyptic Romance. These pictures give off a sense of sophistication of urbanity. Really modern and desirable. Rayna is perfect for this edit. She is gorgeous, delicate, edgy, and a bit eerie. One of those rare combination that can only enhance the intent of this editorial.


Beyonce, $100,000 Leggings

Leave it to Balenciaga to take fashion to the future. No gimmick all luxury

Beyonce looks gorgeous. Those Leggings..YES!! two pairs please.

Uncut Couture: $73,935.00

Yes!! i dare to carry a live croc on my back.


Them Days Ain't Sunny

Backyard spirit. when the sun is high, hiding behind those passing cloud. on a lazy summer afternoon, with nothing to do.

White Heat

Monastic Elegance. lithe and dangerous. tailored and clean like the concrete setting. Angular and fragile of the model really complete this story nicely


Du Juan & Phillip Huang

A beautiful story. love the styling, love the energy, love the models. Denim on Denim on Du Juan is to Die for...super cute, very modern, very Americana. Let the competition begin...